Writers Who Kill
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Jasmine and Mari dive into the macabre as they tell the stories of writers who kill! Mari tells the tale of Juliet Hulme, an infamous New Zealand case. Jasmine speaks of two writers: Blake Leibel/J.J. Paulsen. Mari also gives a news update about a writer who wrote an essay called “How To Murder Your Husband” and then murdered her husband!CW: domestic violence, toxic relationships, mentions of suicide and eating disorders, body mutilation, mental illnessBecome a Patron: www.patreon.com/SickSadWorldSSW/Don’t forget to email us your episode suggestions, comments, concerns, and whatever else you want to tell us at [email protected]!And follow us onTwitter: @SickSadWorldSSWInstagram: @sick_sad_world_podFacebook: fb.me/SickSadWorldSSW