e017: Point me where I need to go
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A deep dive on references and pointers in Rust. Notes By listener request, today we look at the syntax and semantics of referencing and dereferencing and the corresponding `&` and `*` operators. As was the case with e016, the code samples have little to say in their documentation; reading the code will be necessary for seeing the ideas. Sponsors * Aleksey Pirogue * Cameron Mochrie * Chris Palmer * Daniel Collin * Derek Morr * Doug Reeves * Eric Fulmer * Hamza Sheikh * Jakub “Limeth” Hlusička * Jared Smith * Keith Gray * Lachlan Collins * Leif Arne Storset * Luca Schmid * Micael Bergeron * Pascal Hertleif * Ralph Giles (“gillian”) * Ralph “FriarTech” Loizzo * Raph Levien * reddraggone9 * Ryan Oleos * Steven Murawski * Vesa Kaihlavirta * William Roe (Thanks to the couple people donating who opted out of the reward tier, as well. You know who you are!) Become a sponsor * Patreon.com/newrustacean * Venmo.com/chriskrycho * Dwolla.com/hub/chriskrycho * Cash.me/$chriskrych * flattr.com/profile/chriskrycho *…