Bonus 6: It doesn‘t have to be sexy
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Building (and celebrating) all the little, not-so-glorious pieces of the Rust ecosystem. Notes We love the Rust compiler team. But there’s more to the Rust community, and more required for Rust to be as great as it can be, than just the language itself. We need to celebrate other libraries, and even the small ones, just as much (and maybe more) than changes to the language. We need to dig in and work on building the _whole_ ecosystem. (The good news is, we are!) Links - futures-rs - “Zero-cost futures in Rust” - Tokio - “Announcing Tokio” (Carl Lerche on Medium) - “What’s new with ‘The Rust Programming Language’?” - Friends of Rust - ring – Safe, fast, small crypto using Rust - alexa-rs – Rust library for building Alexa skills - gilrs – Game Input Library for Rust Sponsors - Aleksey Pirogov - Cameron Mochrie - Cass Costello - Chris Palmer - Daniel Collin - Derek Morr - Doug Reeves - Eric Fulmer - Hamza Sheikh - Jakub “Limeth” Hlusička - Jared Smith - Keith Gray - Lachlan Collins - Leif Arne Storset - Luca…