Bonus 4: We can have nice things
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Just how good Rust is, and how you can learn it even if you’re busy. Notes Sometimes life goes crazy and I don’t have time to do all the technical writing required for a full episode, but I can’t get Rust off my mind, so I record an episode like this one. Where I talk a bit about how versatile Rust is and suggest some surprising ways you might be able to use it. Sponsors * Aleksey Pirogue * Chris Palmer * Derek Morr * Hamza Sheikh * Lachlan Collins * Leif Arne Storset * Luca Schmid * Micael Bergeron * Pascal Hertleif * Ralph Giles (“gillian”) * Ralph “FriarTech” Loizzo * reddraggone9 * Ryan Oleos * Vesa Kaihlavirta * William Roe (Thanks to the couple people donating who opted out of the reward tier, as well. You know who you are!) Become a sponsor * Patreon * Venom * Dwolla * Contact * New Rustacean: * Twitter: @newrustacean * Email: [email protected] * Chris Krycho * GitHub: chriskrycho * Twitter: @chriskrycho