e010: Macros rule!
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Using Rust’s macro system, its limitations, and its future. Because of the way macros are exported—before name resolution on crates occurs—the documentation for the macros defined in the source for this episode occurs in the MACROS section of the show_notes crate documentation, rather than within the documentation for this module. (See the Rust Book discussion of documenting macros for details.) Even so, the source is still in this module; see the implementations for details. Sponsors - Aleksey Pirogov - Chris Palmer - Derek Morr - Hamza Sheikh - Luca Schmid - Micael Bergeron - Ralph Giles (“rillian”) - reddraggone9 - William Roe Become a sponsor - Patreon.com/newrustacean - Venmo.com/chriskrycho - Dwolla.com/hub/chriskrycho - Cash.me/$chriskrycho Follow - New Rustacean: - Twitter: @newrustacean - App.net: @newrustacean - Email: [email protected] - Chris Krycho - Twitter: @chriskrycho - App.net: @chriskrycho