e004: Functionalized
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Functions, methods, closures, and function as arguments! NOTES This week’s episode covers the basics of all sorts of functions: normal functions, methods, and closures. Closures - An explanation (in Ruby) by Martin Fowler - Rust book - Rust by Example - “What is a closure?” (Progammers Stack Exchange) ‚Äì the first answer is the best, but the second answer may be a helpful stepping stone for people just getting their heads around this and coming from OOP languages like C++ or Java (even though I disagree with the explanation in some ways). - “What is a closure?” (Stack Overflow) – careful, thorough answer using JavaScript as an example. LINKS - Exercism (hat tip: Lechindanier on GitHub) - Rust Learning - Rust and Swift (viii) FOLLOW/SUPPORT - New Rustacean: - Twitter: @newrustacean - App.net: @newrustacean - Patreon.com/chriskrycho - Dwolla.com/hub/chriskrycho - Email: [email protected] - Chris Krycho - Twitter: @chriskrycho - App.net: @chriskrycho