Episode 308: The Nicheing Down Fallacy
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Focusing on a niche can catastrophically backfire when the market shifts, and Mike goes into full reviewer mode this week. Plus fresh out of Build the guys share the initial impressions of Microsoft’s big event, discuss their growing fear of Amazon, and resources for learning .Net Core.Sponsored By:Linux Academy: Sign up for a free 7 day trial when you visit: linuxacademy.com/codersDigital Ocean: For a limited time, you can grab $100 in DigitalOcean credit when you visit http://do.co/coderLinks:Amazon Is Finally Helping Developers Turn Alexa Skills Into Money — Amazon is announcing general availability in the U.S. for in-skill purchasing, which allows the creator of a skill to sell content to an Alexa user–both one-off purchases and monthly or yearly subscriptions, with the entire transaction handled inside the skill via voice on a deviceASP.Net Core 2 Book / Resource Recommendations — I’m looking for some good book / website / youtube channel covering ASP.Net CorePop_OS! 18.04 Review: Developer Perspective…