Coffeehouse Blunders 6: What Happened to Bobby Fischer?
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Guillotine chess, roasting coffee at home, and understanding the craze and addition to spinners and fidget cubes, all while Danny preps for the Speed Chess Championship. Motz asks an IM: What Happened to Bobby Fischer? Follow Us Danny: Twitter, Twitch, Motz: Twitter, Blog, GitHub Music : Amethyst Seer - Ouija by Adventureface Proudly recorded on Zencastr Links:Android Go: Everything you need to knowCheckmate: Baltimore 7th Grader Now National Chess ChampionFresh Roast SR500The Physics of Fidget Spinners: Explaining the Moment of Inertia | WIREDFidget Cube: A Vinyl Desk Toy by Matthew and Mark McLachlan — KickstarterPreventing hasty chess moves with a guillotine – Analog GamesPawn Sacrifice (2014) - IMDb