Merge Conflict 85: All I Want To Do Is Multi-Target
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February 19, 2018
It is 2018 and we are so over Linked Files, Portable Class Libraries, or Shared Projects cluttering up our libraries. In fact we only need ONE project to target every platform that .NET supports. It is time to multi-target the world! We take a look at this awesome new feature and tell you what it is all about and why you would want to use it. We also take a look at some of the gotchas right now to help you make the choice to make the big switch or not. SUPPORT US ON PATREON: Follow Us Frank: Twitter, Blog, GitHub James: Twitter, Blog, GitHub Merge Conflict: Twitter, Facebook, Website Music : Amethyst Seer - Citrine by Adventureface Proudly recorded on Zencastr Sponsored By:MFractor: MFractor makes Xamarin app development in Visual Studio for Mac much easier; use the Xamarin.Forms code analysis and generation tools to make working with XAML a breeze and take the sting out of Android development with resource intellisense or mobile specific C# code analyzers. Use coupon code…