Sinclair CEO Chris Ripley on Future TV and the Video Sea of Blood
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The head of the nation’s largest group of local TV stations, CEO Chris Ripley of Sinclair Broadcast Group, took the stage at the recent NAB NY conference to talk about how ATSC 3.0 will supercharge local broadcasting; the “antiquated” TV viewing experience; what the company might try to buy next; how Sinclair hopes to STIRR the streaming video pot; why the Tennis Channel is perfectly positioned for a sports gambling future; and why Sinclair won’t compete directly in the “sea of blood” with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other tech giants. His interviewer, Rick Howe, dodged some juicy subjects, but there’s plenty here from one of the most influential people in the broadcasting business. Give a listen. Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard