Vogue’s 73 Questions and DP Vincent Peone
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Last night’s Streamy Awards say the smart video series “73 Questions” recognized for its cinematography (it’s one long take where 73 questions are lobbed at a celebrity). In accepting the award, both series creator Joe Sabian and producer Marina Cukeric gave a shoutout to their director of photography Vincent Peone. I interviewed Peone exactly 11 months ago about “73 Questions” and his work as a director, both in commercials for Big Block, and for other projects of many kinds. When I posted the episode originally, it was only one service, SoundCloud, and now is on 10, thanks to Anchor’s syndication. Give a listen. He’s an interesting guy and now “73 Questions” is a Streamy winner, which is pretty cool. Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/davidlbloom/support This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard