Wednesday, 7/11 - The 2018 X Graduating Class
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Facebook faces its first fine from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, a look at what Article 13 might do to the web, a juicy new Apple rumor, more hints from Magic Leap, and a look at Alphabet’s “Moonshot” factory. Stories from: @AlecMuffett, @adavies47 Tweets: @joshelman Links:Facebook is slapped with first fine for Cambridge Analytica scandal (Washington Post)Thread by @AlecMuffett: “Regards Article13, I wrote up a little command-line false-positive emulator; it tests 10 million events with a test (for copyrighted materia […]” #Article13 (Alex Muffett)European Networks Are Joining Forces to Take On Netflix and Amazon (The Hollywood Reporter)INSIDE X, THE MOONSHOT FACTORY RACING TO BUILD THE NEXT GOOGLE (Wired) This podcast is sponsored by Burrow and Anchor