178 - Free Flow
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Jake and Carl head into episode 178 without much of a topic on deck and decide to see what come up in conversations. They start off with some interested design news from Weight Watchers and a pretty crazy story about some Banksy artwork. Then it's on to see where things take them. Jake shares an interesting story about a video project he has been working on and it leads to a discussion about when things changes mid-project. Lastly they cover their Rookie Recommendations for the week. Design News: Weight Watchers changing name to focus on wellness, not dieting Sotheby's Gets Banksy'ed at Contemporary Art Auction in London Rookie Recommendations: Carl - Dunkin Harpoon Coffee Porter Jake - MeetUp.com The Client Attraction Mindset by Taughnee Link to Book - The Client Attraction Mindset Interview with Taughnee - Rookie Designer Podcast Episode 169 Taughneed Business Website - www.endeavorcreative.com