148 – Know What You Don’t Know
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During the latest episode of Rookie Designer Podcast, Carl and Jake talk about dealing with areas of design and business they aren't good at or knowledgable about. Carl shares a specific story about how he had to make a decision on how to deal with a client asking about a specific area of web design he isn't used to working in. Jake makes some suggestions on how to deal with "Knowing what you don't know." They also get into some of the things they are enjoying right now outside of their design projects. We apologize for the lack of video this time around. We are still working to find the best way to deal with video casting and found that Blab had some major hiccups for us this time around. There is a plan in place to find a different avenue next time we try to record. Hopefully it will be more successful and will allow us to share video as well as audio. We appreciate your patience as we work our way through this new area (guess this qualifies as a don't know…). Show Links Moonshine Web Design -…