128 – #PePCon Adventures and What is “The Twitter?”
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Jake and Kitty talk about their trip to Print & ePublishing Conference 2011 in DC presented by InDesignSecrets.com hosts Anne Marie Concepcion and David Blatner. They talk about the sessions they enjoyed and about why they think every Rookie should attend a conference like PePCon. Jake and Kitty also talk about what "The Twitter" is all about and how it can benefit designers. Covering hashtags, lists, picking a name, avatars and the importance of a well designed background. Lastly they add a quick tip each to help a Rookie Designer work smarter! Show Notes: PePCon Adventures Print & ePublishing Conference in Washington DC, May 23–25, 2011 InDesign Type: Professional Typography with Adobe InDesign by Nigel French The Grid System by Nigel French Russell Viers - You Work too hard… and I'm Here To Fix It! #PePCon on Twitter What is “The Twitter?” Main Site: Twitter.com LISTS by iKitty Designers: http://twitter.com/iKitty/designers Photographers: http://twitter.com/iKitty/photographers Adobe:…