99 – Quality
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What is Quality training? I got a dose of it recently at my full time job, and it wasn't half bad. Basically its a set of rules or guidelines that help facilitate a productive work environment. There are several things you probably do on a daily basis that are not exactly necessary, or perhaps could be done in a more efficient way to improve your workflow, and as a result, make you more productive. It also sets the stage for working and communicating with others in a way that benefits each party and the end result of your work. Keys to the Game: Fill an object in InDesign: Fill object with gradient: period (.) Fill object with last solid color: comma (,) Fill object with none: slash (/) Rookie Mistake Tip: When going for an interview we most times focus squarely on the skills we have and promoting those to no end. What we must remember though is that there is much more that goes into the selection of a candidate for a job. Companies are also very focused on your personal traits and how you will get along…