75 - Get More Out of Your Apps
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Maybe a change is on the horizon for you. Do you do everything in a pattern or similar routine? If so there are probably things you are missing out on by not exploring new territory and more specifically analysing the way you use your tools. Email Campaign: Send a letter in favor of RD to: Blogger and Podcaster Magazine Keys to the Game: Bullet point in InDesign Mac: Option + 8 PC: Alt + 8 Rookie Mistake Tip: Don't lose those great tips. Write them down, save them to your hard drive, make a blog or web page…just make sure you save the relevant ones or you may lose them forever. Links from todays show: CS3 Final Cut Studio 2 Adobe Online Events After Effects and Premiere Betas In the Bullpen: Real World Illustrator Blog and Podcast Todays show featured music by: Ten Foot Pole