88 – Search Engine Optimization and more!
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Our good friend Paul Mycroft is back with some more tips for search engine optimization (SEO) and there's a web design twist to it this time. Also stay tuned for some mini topics to ponder on the subject of good vs. bad design, and noticing design all around you. Keys to the Game: Increase/decrease the size of type in Photoshop Mac: Option + Shift + < or > PC: Ctl + Shift + < or > Links from todays show: Speak Up - good vs. bad design Paul Mycroft + Company - SEO Rookie Mistake Tip: Don't be afraid to ask anything, no matter if you're a student or a seasoned pro. Not asking and getting something wrong is way worse than asking what you think might be a stupid question. this is how we learn! In the Bullpen: designsnack This Episode included music by: Jets to Brazil Try GoToMeeting for 45 days! Visit www.GoToMeeting.com/techpodcasts to start your free trial today.