89 – Let’s Get Organized!
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This is an important topic, so we're going to cover it again, but organization in your work and life can go a long way to making sure that you achieve your goals and do so in a timely fashion. Not everyone is an org freak like me, but if you take anything away from this podcast, I think it can only help! Keys to the Game: Create Outlines in Illustrator and InDesign (oops, the key command uses the letter, not a zero!) Mac: Command Shift O PC: Control Shift O Links from todays show: Enter the contest! Rookie Mistake Tip: Don't be like me and try to say yes to everything! Know your limits and plan out your time effectively so you can give your all to the task at hand, and still allow for some relaxation time. In the Bullpen: blue vertigo This Episode included music by: Everyday Victory