70 - Conquering the Interview
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Its interview time again, and I might just be getting better at this! Listen to my experience with one of the longest interview adventures yet, and perhaps pick up a tip or two for your next opportunity. Email Campaign: Send a letter in favor of RD to: [email protected] Keys to the Game: SHow Hidden Characters in Illustrator and InDesign Mac: Command + Option + i PC: Control + Alt + i Rookie Mistake Tip: Have a gameplan when you go in for an interview, and learn all you can from your past experiences. If it didn't work last time, switch something up… or everything! Ask for feedback fro the interviewer (they might just give it to you). Links from todays show: Apple TV Quicktips - Making a Killer Screencast Part 1 In the Bullpen: InDesign Secrets VTC Computer Software Training Todays show featured music by: Strung Out