81 - Photoshop Tips, Flash Resources, and an aniBOOM Interview
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Lots of random information in this episode, but useful nonetheless. We talk a bit about color models in Photoshop, I deliver my first ever book report and conduct an interview with the CEO of aniBOOM. Keys to the Game: Gamut Warning in Photoshop Mac: Cmd + Shift + y PC: Ctl + Shift + y Links from todays show: Vote for RD in the Podcast Awards Logo Design Blog and Podcast In the Bullpen: aniBoom Flash CS3 The Missing Manual (Buy it Now!) by Chris Grover and E. Moore - Pogue Press/O'Reilly This is a great instructional book for both newbies and seasoned Flash pros alike. Each tip and technique is described in great detail, is easy to follow and will get you off to a great start in Flash CS3. With all the changes made to this software, being Adobe's first release, this is a must-have book and a Rookie Designer approved resource!