169 - Taughnee Golubović Interview
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This week Carl and Jake are really excited to bring on Taughnee Golubović from Endeavor Creative for an interview. We have been really good friends and fellow creatives for many, many years. Taughnee shares a bit of her journey to get to where she is as a creative and also how she went from living in Alaska to living in Croatia. She also talks about how that effected her business and what she had to do to really change things up with her business to get it growing again. Her business adventures are what have inspired her new book Client Attraction Mindset. Be sure to listen to the whole episode so you can find out how you can win one of three copies of Taughnee's new book. We have a special set of tasks and will be randomly picking individuals from those who follow the steps. This is a $47 value for FREE! Find the book, Client Attraction Mindset here: https://endeavorcreative.com/shop/ Speical thanks to Taughnee from Endeavor Creative for taking the time to hang out with us and discuss her business, her…