Politics vs Reality TV
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What does a career Marketer, mental health specialist, and historian see when they look at Mass Media? Celebrities? Politics? What resources are most powerful to protect our minds from fake news and media manipulation? Listen to find out. And of course as usual… we’re not selling you the answers. Find the Documentary “The Century of the Self” and other links here: www.LibraryOfConsciousness.com Find more about the open source educations at: www.LBRYofAlexandria.org The book talked about in the podcast is: The 50th Law - 50 cent & Robert Greene https://adbl.co/2RL1sWY Other books mentioned: Growth Hacker Marketing - Ryan Holiday https://adbl.co/2IPSL9Q Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/selfaware/support This podcast is sponsored by Anchor