Friedhelm Boschert | Finance and Mindfulness: a Contradiction in Terms? (Episode 23)
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In this podcast, former top banker Dr. Friedhelm Boschert shares how he has been able to successfully bring mindfulness and meditation into the banking world. He talks about several impactful instruments for cultural change, including that of Prof. Kabat-Zinn’s, the mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) process, as well as the U-Theory/Presencing of MIT professor Otto Scharmer. Dr. Boschert gives hope by elaborating on his own ten weeks long Mindful Leadership Training that has a high adaptation rate with 75 percent of participants keeping with the mindfulness practice one year after the end of the program. For more by Dr. Boschert, visit and Visit for more information on the investment turnaround and Dr. Bozesan’s work. Narrated by Albert Bozesan, produced by Peak State Entertainment The AQAL Foundation informs our listeners that the views, thoughts, and opinions…