Ken Wilber | The Philosopher Behind Modern Investing (Episode 18)
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December 17, 2018
Do you want to understand today’s world, yourself, and the hidden determinants of successful transformation? Then this episode is a must! Future generations will refer to Ken Wilber in the same way we talk today about Hegel, Nietzsche or Kant. In this podcast, world renown philosopher and evolutionary theorist, Ken Wilber unpacks evolutionary drivers, paradigm shifts, and cultural transformations that can help you transform our own world. From medicine to politics, from economics to education, Integral Theory, in short AQAL, has been adopted by more than 50 disciplines world-wide and is the foundation of our Integral Investing framework. Here is a personal and short introduction by the master himself. Enjoy the show! For more by Ken Wilber, visit him on Twitter @TheKenWilber and read his blogs on and Visit for more information on the investment turnaround and Dr. Bozesan’s work. Narrated by Albert Bozesan, produced by Peak State…