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Episode 0 Show Notes: pythonoutloud.com/0 It's important to set realistic goals, right? So why wait to publish the acceptance speech we'd give for our Lifetime Achievement Award? [pause for audience applause] KC: Thank you! Thank you! Wow… {{years_podcasting}} year{{years_podcasting|pluralize}} and {{episodes_podcasted}} episode{{episodes_podcasted|pluralize}} later, and here we are! We're over-filled with emotions right now. [pause for audience to say "awwww…"] IL: And we want to start by thanking you, our loyal listeners. We started with Episode 0, where we introduced ourselves, explained the name "Python Out Loud", and shared our Python aha-moments. And yes, as you can see, Kevin is still wearing the exact same pajamas as when we recorded Episode 0. [pause for audience laughter] KC: By recording from Nagano, Japan, and Portland, Oregon, who knew we'd be the very first trans-pacific Python podcast? [off-key violin string pulled] IL: Hey, Kevin, the orchestra is getting restless, so let's wrap this up by…