Xbox vs Playstation - The Red Ring of Death | 2
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Microsoft put all its efforts into it’s new console, the Xbox 360 to beat combat Sony’s market share and it looked like it was working. Thousands of consoles sold, and then suddenly, mysteriously, thousands of consoles died. Meanwhile Sony announces their new PlayStation will cost more than any console, by a lot, and it’s new processor confuses game designers. But that’s not all. Nintendo is back and they’re about to introduce another console that will send both companies scrambling. The Nintendo Wii is instantly a sensation, and Microsoft and Sony are left in it’s dust. Support this show by supporting our sponsors! Lincoln - Learn more about the Well-Connected 2019 Lincoln MKC at Squarespace - Go to and use offer code BW for a free trial to build a beautiful new website. Freshbooks - Get a 30-day free trial at and enter Business Wars in the “How did you hear about us?” section.