The First Computer War - Abdication | 4
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In Episode 1 the UNIVAC successfully predicted that Eisenhower would win the 1952 election. In Philadelphia, a champagne hangover quickly settled in over the Remington Rand building, the company elated at its success. But over at IBM, a company that doesn’t allow its employees to drink, they’re working, furiously. And Watson Jr. is ready to take the 701 to market in a few months. Visiting the 701 is soon the hottest ticket in town, and The Watsons and IBM sit back to watch. They feel the momentum shifting back in IBM’s favor once again. Support our show by supporting our sponsors! Zip Recruiter - Get a free trial and learn how to hire smarter when you visit them at Squarespace - Enter code BW at checkout to save 10% on your first website or domain at