eBay vs PayPal - Going Once, Going Twice | 1
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At the dawn of the dotcom era, a Silicon Valley tech geek on a personal vendetta rolls out the world’s first e-commerce site. Vintage lunchboxes? Second-hand guitars? B-list celebrity autographs? It all finds a home on AuctionWeb, and before long the site’s growth is skyrocketing. But founder Pierre Omidyar isn’t prepared for the infrastructure challenges that come with turning his pet project into a real company. Brownouts and site outages soon follow, raising the ire of customers. And without a way to close transactions online, AuctionWeb might be doomed before it takes off. Support this show by supporting our sponsors! Quip - Get your first refill pack FREE at GetQuip.com/BW ZipRecruiter - Find your next great hire. Try ZipRecruiter for free at ZipRecruiter.com/BW