Red Bull vs Monster - Buzzkill | 3
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November 20, 2018
As the extreme marketing battle between Red Bull and Monster reaches unprecedented heights (128,000 feet above sea level, to be precise), a new challenger steps onto the scene. 5-hour Energy, the tiny titan in the two ounce can, quickly plows through the energy drink market, generating hundreds of millions of dollars each year and leaving a trail of failed imitators in its wake. But for the moment, Red Bull and Monster have bigger issues on their hands. A string of unexpected deaths and hospitalizations, a high-profile lawsuit, and whispers of a government ban threaten to topple their energy empire. Support this show by supporting our sponsors! Learn more about the well-connected 2019 Lincoln MKC at Squarespace - Create your beautiful new website at and use offer code BW at checkout. Blinkist - Start your free trial today at