5 | Nintendo’s Makin’ a Super Mario Movie But… What’s Next? & MORE
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On this week’s episode of our weekly video game podcast Directly to You we brought on friend of the channel and frequet collaborator Dan Cybert to discuss his latest video about a Mario Phase theory that we collaborated on. Now that it’s been confirmed that Nintendo’s making movies by way of the announcement of the Illumination Entertainment produced Super Mario Bros movie, we decided to talk about what we want that to be, how we’d want Metroid to be as a movie, Star Fox, & Zelda. We also pitched the idea for Pokemon for Nintendo Switch with the PERFECT new starter Pokemon. We discussed AJ & Logan’s videos as usual, Logan’s Switch problems, Future Nintendo apps like Mario Kart Tour along with iTunes questions, brief Q&A and a lot of behind the scenes Game Theory & Dan’s career talk. TIMESTAMPS Dan’s Video 2:57 Nintendo’s making movies 11:29 Logan’s Video 34:46 AJ’s Video 42:42 Gen 8 Pokemon starters + game pitch 28:14 Nintendo games that need apps (what would they do?) Logan’s Become a supporter of this…