46 | Why Do Gaming Analysts Still Have Jobs? & MORE
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On this week’s episode of our weekly Nintendo podcast Directly to You AJ & Parker discuss AJ’s first impressions for Travis Strikes Again, Shuntaru Furakawa’s comments about the Nintendo’s Future, whether or not we think Switch will hit Kimishima’s projection (spoilers, we do,) NSMBU Deluxe sales, Mortal Kombat 11’s potential delay, Darksider’s potential Switch port, thoughts on AJ’s video about more of Nintendo’s studios, Q&A, & MORE! Product Provided by Nintendo TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Intro 1:32 What have we been playing? News 14:24 Furukawa on 20 Mil Switches 19:06 Furukawa on Mobile Games 24:42 Furukawa on Labo 33:23 Furukawa on 3DS 36:58 Furukawa on eSports 41:39 Furukawa on Overseas Markets 43:30 SNES Games Datamined 48:34 Analysts on 20 Mil Switches 50:31 NSBMU Deluxe Outselling Original Release 56:46 Pokémon Games & Go Integration 1:03:27 Mortal Kombat 11 Switch Delay - EU & AU? 1:06:15 Darksiders III Coming to Switch? 1:07:29 OUR Thoughts on AJ’s Video 1:17:23 YOUR thoughts on AJ’s Video 1:38:48 Q&A - Your…