45 | They’re playing with our emotions & MORE
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On this week’s episode of our weekly Nintendo gaming podcast Directly to You AJ & Parker discuss Nintendo’s series of Switch & 3DS game announcements they made on Twitter, Travis Strikes Again being reviewed by Famitsu, the future of cloud gaming and Amazon & MORE! Product Provided by Nintendo TIMESTAMPS 1:34 AJ Thoughts on NSMBU Deluxe 3:46 What are we playing? 10:57 Yoshi Crafted World Dated 18:58 More Switch Release Dates 25:05 Monster Boy Sells 8:1 on Switch vs. Other Consoles 31:09 Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes gets first review 36:53 January NES Games 43:26 The future of Game Streaming 47:20 Our Thoughts on AJ’s Video 49:50 Your Thoughts on AJ’s Video 1:22:49 Q&A Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/directly-to-you/support This podcast is sponsored by Nintendo Jump Podcast