Why Should WE Care about Nintendo Labo? & MORE | Directly to You EP 3
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On episode 2 of our weekly video game podcast AJ & Logan discuss: 0:47 - Nintendo Labo 6:02 What do we think about Nintendo Labo 9:32 Will we buy Nintendo Labo 11:34 Updated thoughts on joycons 17:17 What projects do we want to see in the vein of Labo 25:00 Thoughts on Nintendo 2018 31:32 What have we been playing 38:07 Dragonball FighterZ 46:53 Q&A 47:28 What game brought us into gaming? 53:46 How long have you known Bob and Will from The Wulff Den? 56:44 Are there two members of F4 that we haven’t unlocked yet? 59:12 Pokemon Question Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/directly-to-you/support This podcast is sponsored by Nintendo Jump Podcast