44 | We MAY Know When the January Nintendo Direct is! & MORE
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On this week’s episode of our WEEKLY Nintendo podcast Directly to You AJ & our new co-host Parker discuss current Nintendo news and rumors like the possible date for the next Nintendo Direct, future DLC for current Nintendo blockbusters, new cheating laws in Japan, potential developments in the realm of.. well… Switch 3rd party development, community Q&A & MORE! Product Provided by Nintendo TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Intros 2:48 Nintendo Direct Rumored Date 7:52 Smash Character Potential Leak (SPOILER WARNING) 18:46 EA Frostbite Engine on Switch? 29:08 Illegal to Hack Switch in Japan 33:31 Smash Bros tops Amazon 2018 Video Game Sales 43:03 UK Switch Sales Trends 45:57 Ongoing Eshop Sales 49:35 Breath of the Wild Sequel Rumor? 54:14 Fun BotW ‘Guardian’ Design Details AJ’s Video 55:58 Our Thoughts on AJ’s Video 1:19:32 Your Thoughts on AJ’s Video Q&A 1:41:39 Your Questions Answered! Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/directly-to-you/support This podcast is sponsored by Nintendo Jump Podcast