Fancy, via South Philadelphia (Bonus!)
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Hey look, it’s a bonus-ode! We sent our demo to a bunch of friends, and they sent us back, like, a zillion questions. So we thought we’d answer a few on air—and then ask you a question of our own. Does it alienate potential clients if I’m tweeting a lot about sexual harassment in tech? Do I care? —A listener from San Francisco As always, we’ve got the show notes—and a full transcript—right here. Show notes How many bottles of wine does it take to answer your mail? Technically none, but it’s more fun this way. In this week’s mailbag, we talk about: The, uh, pleasures of Pennsylvania’s state-run wine and spirits stores. What it means to do “big” things, and the reasons women often minimize their accomplishments (it ain’t all imposter syndrome, folks). Whether this podcast is business or pleasure (it’s BOTH, dammit). Why the Instant Pot is “all game no shame.” What growth and career progression look like when your job’s not a standard 9-to-5. The personal, the professional, and the ramifications of tweeting…