Pocket Rabbits with Eileen Webb
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We made it to Episode 2—and hey, so did you! High five! This week, we’re all about TIME: how we make it, how we use it, and how we think about it. We’re also joined by our very first guest, Eileen Webb, who straight-up blew our minds with her take on making time on your own terms. Seriously, it’s . Just listen already. Why should my work get all of my best brain? —Eileen Webb, founder of Webmeadow Here’s what we cover. (Yep, there’s a full transcript below, too!) Show notes First things first: is it time for for lunch yet? We think so (we’ve been thinking about snacks since 10:15). We start out with a segment on reclaiming lunchtime for, well, whatever you want: Jenn tells us how she convinced her coworkers that watching Jeopardy at work is healthy. (We’re totally sold.) Katel sits down for a fancy meal for one. Sara heads out for a midday run, meetings be damned. Next, NYG sits down with web strategist-slash-farmer Eileen Webb for an interview that’s sure to stick with all of us for quite some time. We talk…