Supporting Others with Sarah Drasner
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This week, we get down to the business of being a badass woman in tech with Sarah Drasner, an engineer, author, award-winning speaker, and renowned expert on web animation. We hear about mentorship, using your profile to help others be seen, building a body of work, and so much more. For the first little while I was trying to pull myself up by my bootstraps and just, like, work really hard to kind of get some place where I felt more comfortable—where I was not just taking any job that was offered me. And then the second part of that is to extend whatever privilege I might have to others…to promote the work of other people that are doing great work in the community that might not be seen. —Sarah Drasner We talk with Sarah about: What it’s like to write a technical book like SVG Animations, Sarah’s book from O’Reilly last year Using machine learning to make images on the web more accessible for blind people The benefits of diverse teams The badassery of Arlan Hamilton and her company, Backstage Capital How to…