How to Draw a Scientist with Allison Crimmins
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February 20, 2018
It’s no secret that 2017 was a trash year, and 2018 hasn’t been…easy. But somehow, we’re still here, making it work—and even finding inspiration, joy, and success. We want to talk about how we’re coping during even the most trying political and cultural times. To help us, we sit down with none other than a climate scientist working in government to find out how she’s keeping her head up in rough times. I try as much as I can to talk with college kids or high school kids and most of the time my message is just, “Hi, I’m a scientist and I also happen to be a woman.” It doesn’t have to be much more complicated than that. —Allison Crimmins, climate scientist Here’s what’s in store in Episode 6 (and as always, there’s a full transcript): Show notes First up, we look back on last year and how we made it through. We talk about how even though we had some big successes, it was hard to feel accomplished while the world seemed to burn in turmoil. We discuss: How we stayed (and stay) focused amidst a never-ending news…