21: Thinking in public (with Mike Rugnetta)
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Mike Rugnetta drops some knowledge about how to improve internet discourse, maintaining a productive comment section, focusing on the right stuff, why people join internet communities, and what it means for something to “end” on the internet. Lastly, we get into a discussion of video games that feel like work, and why we love them. Special Guest: Mike Rugnetta. Links: Fits + Starts Patreon (click here to support the show!) John’s 15 favorite Idea Channel videos Reasonably Sound What Is Myth? Crash Course World Mythology #1 - YouTube Mike on Twitter (@mikerugnetta) | Twitter mmmichaeljohnson - YouTube (“feeling good, feeling great, how are you?”) Carrot and stick - Wikipedia AOL Instant Messenger shuts down after 20 years - Oct. 6, 2017