15: Bottle Episode
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We just saw each other in Chicago! John is a friend of Tighten.co. The show is changing. John is afraid that his life is too comfortable. Daniel thinks it’s all about leaning into your fear. We think that Donald Trump and Smash Mouth are indications that we are indeed living in a simulation. Hit us up on Twitter: John Drexler: @johnrudolphdrex Daniel Coulbourne: @DCoulbourne Fits and Starts: @fits_and_starts Links: Twenty Percent Time Tighten Co. | Product Development for Web + Mobile | Laravel + Vue.js Everything’s coming up Milhouse! - YouTube Woody’s Fish Tacos - Yelp John Legend - I Can’t Help It (Master of None) Trello “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” - YouTube What Was That Glowing Orb Trump Touched in Saudi Arabia? - The New York Times Acceptance test–driven development - Wikipedia Smash Mouth - All Star - YouTube Elon Musk Speaks About Simulation Theory - YouTube Sam Goody - Wikipedia Philz Coffee Bottle episode - Wikipedia Community does a bottle episode - YouTube