3: Five Jobs and a Bunch of Dogwhistles
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We talk about the theoretical idea of a job and knowing what a job is like, our process of making the show. Hit us up on Twitter! Fits and Starts - @fits_and_starts Daniel - @dcoulbourne John - @johnrudolphdrex Links: Reserve Ratio Federal Reserve System - Wikipedia Ben Bernanke - Wikipedia Horse trading - Wikipedia Kayak’s by Kaldi’s Coffee Movies – Asheville Brewing Company Why Does Movie Popcorn Cost So Much? | Stanford Graduate School of Business Porter’s five forces analysis - Wikipedia Information security - Wikipedia Hazing - Wikipedia Fits and Starts: 0: Episode Zero ‘Biggest invisible thing on earth?’ – It’s called Indonesia, and it’s waking up | Cities | The Guardian ‘Judo Knight’ Putin shows off martial arts skills in wrestling bout - YouTube Urban Dictionary: sissy bird chest