8: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Goals
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We talk about growing out of being a slug-like process person. John claims erroneously to be a Californian. What does it take to claim that you’ve been to a state? John was late to recording this episode because he has disabled all notifications on his devices. Hit us up on Twitter! Fits and Starts - @fits_and_starts Daniel - @dcoulbourne John - @johnrudolphdrex Links: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs - Wikipedia Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview (2012) - IMDb Steve Jobs Content vs Process - YouTube Zune - Wikipedia System administrator - Wikipedia Neckbeard | Know Your Meme Music | Twice Adapted File manager - Wikipedia Boards | Trello ALEC BALDWIN GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS ALWAYS BE CLOSING FULL SPEECH - YouTube How is ‘LaCroix’ pronounced? - LaCroix Sparkling Water Mos Def - Wikipedia Four Loko - Wikipedia What’s going on inside Sean Spicer’s gum-filled body? · Great Job, Internet! · The A.V. Club Trump Fires Acting Attorney General Who Defied Him - The New York Times Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour and Ice Cream Shop in…