19: Idealogical Purity Ideas (with Brianna Wu)
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Brianna is running for Congress! She stops by to share her insights about the work of running a campaign, seeking to support people you don’t agree with, and why Millennials need to take direct action instead of making symbolic political gestures. We also get into info security, online harassment, and then some inside-baseball talk about Apple and the future of gaming. We really hate asking, but your reviews on Apple Podcasts really do make a difference. Please consider rating and reviewing us there, sharing the show with friends, and subscribing! Also, hit us up on Twitter! We’d love to chat: Fits + Starts: @fits_and_starts Daniel: @DCoulbourne John: @johnrudolphdrex Special Guest: Brianna Wu. Links: Brianna Wu (@Spacekatgal) | Twitter Brianna Wu for Congress WWDC - Apple Developer Net neutrality - Wikipedia United States congressional subcommittee - Wikipedia Moral imperative - Wikipedia Gamergate controversy - Wikipedia Cisgender - Wikipedia 2001 Audi TT - Kelley Blue Book Fits + Starts: 4: Internet…