13: Motivating an Animal (with Matt Stauffer)
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Matt enumerates the differences between venture-backed and bootstrapped businesses. We discuss the difference between “useful” and “good” traits. Matt has some advice on how to talk about your strengths without sounding like a jerk, and then John meets a Titan of Industry. Hit us up on Twitter! Fits and Starts - @fits_and_starts Daniel - @dcoulbourne John - @johnrudolphdrex Special Guest: Matt Stauffer. Links: Matt Stauffer (@stauffermatt) | Twitter Tighten Co. | Product Development for Web + Mobile | Laravel + Vue.js Laravel: Up & Running - An O’Reilly book by Matt Stauffer Karani - for Fundraisers thoughtbot Less Accounting Basecamp Bootstrap (front-end framework) - Wikipedia “Bootstrap (front-end framework) - Wikipedia”) CEO Genome – Data driven insights into what makes successful CEOs Fits and Starts: 1: Temporarily Embarrassed Millionaires (Visionary Bro Culture) Fits and Starts: 3: Five Jobs and a Bunch of Dogwhistles (Pizza Parlor Reference) How I Built This - Airbnb: Joe Gebbia - NPR One Lifestyle…