Ep 9: From Intern To Purpose
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Now as a motivational/inspirational speaker and author, I’ve realized I am in purpose, but a lot of what I learned did not come from a course or a job I had, but from my foundation - my internships. Now, at 15 years old, I entered the music industry at Roc A Fella Records and then I went to Interscope Records. There I learned all about public relations and basically how to help get someone’s brand in front of people. While I didn’t go on to become a Publicist, fast forward to now. How did I get into Cosmopolitan, Eating Well Magazine? I tapped into my Internship Knowledge Vault. All that information I obtained was for great use now! It saved me thousands of dollars and helped me to get my store out to those that needed to hear it. Parents, educational leaders - I encourage you to have that conversation with the youth because they never know how it will benefit them later in life. To learn more or connect with me, email me at booking@TanishaShanee.com #InternToPurpose