David Davenport: Make Congress Great Again
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We have a bad habit of not taking elections like 2018 seriously. We call them by the wrong names: It’s not just a “midterm” or “off-year” election. This election will decide the membership of the U.S. Congress, and scores of governorships, statehouses, ballot propositions and local officials. We also have a bad habit of not turning out to vote in these crucial elections. When a presidential race is on the ballot, the turnout is around 60 personality. With no presidential race, the voter turnout is a pitiful 40 personality. Finally, the 2018 election should not just be a referendum on the president. We have one more bad habit of thinking the president is our primary political representative, when in fact it should be our own member of Congress. We need to make Congress great again for our democracy to work. Whatever you do, vote in 2018.