Hugh Hewitt: Brett Kavanaugh and the Shifting Calculus for the 2018 Election
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The national scalding of the confirmation proceedings around Judge Brett Kavanaugh has changed the election calculus for many. We already knew - Democrats told us -that if they took back the House they’d move to impeach President Trump. Now we know courtesy of the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee - New York City’s Jerry Nadler - that he intends hearings going after Brett Kavanaugh if he gets the gavel. Democrats seeking revenge for 2016’s still unthinkable-to-them defeat of Hillary Clinton are not hiding their agenda. Vote for a Democrat and you are imperiling the magnificent economic boom, the re-armament of America, and the re-stocking of the federal judiciary with judges who are not political actors. A vote for any Democrat for any House seat is a vote for Nancy Pelosi. It’s that simple.