Secure The Bouncy House
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We're back at it for another week of news and reviews with the Escapist Comics Podcast family! DC: JLA Doom Patrol Special #1 (Milk Wars #1) 3:17 DC: Motherlands #1 11:48 Marvel: Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey #5 14:40 Marvel: Jean Grey #11 20:03 Dark Horse: Anthony Bourdain's Hungry Ghosts #1 23:45 Black Mask: Eternal 29:34 Produced by Will Scovill & The Escapist Comic Bookstore Find more episodes of the Escapist Comics Podcast at Visit the store at 3090 Claremont Ave. Berkeley, CA 94705 🌎 ✉️ (put “Podcast” in the subject line) Twitter: @escapistcomics Instagram: @escapistcomicsSupport The Escapist Comics PodcastLinks:The ‘Black Panther’ Red Carpet Put Every Other Hollywood Premiere to Shame - By MATTHEW SCHNEIER When the average red carpet is unrolled at each new - The New York TimesSeason 1 Ep. 3 | 9-1-1 - YouTube — Firefighters arrive at the bouncy house scene and devise a plan.Announcing "Metropolis," DC's Newest Live…