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We’re back! Yes for real! Despite Will announcing that we wouldn’t! It’s the week of November 29, 2017 and if you haven’t yet please make a donation to Ramona the Dog by going to gofundme.com/ramonabalboni. Jessica’s dog had 2 masses removed from her spleen in a very invasive and very expensive procedure. Any amount helps. In comics news we’re back with a stack of reviews and news you can use, etc. For this week: Where’s Wolverine? 02:35 DC: Doomsday Clock #1 07:31 DC: Justice League of America Annual #1 18:15 Marvel: Moon Knight #189 19:56 Vault: Reactor #1 21:05 IDW: Sword of Ages #1 25:39 Runaways on Hulu review 29:27 The Punisher on Netflix review 33:28 Titans cast photo released 38:46 Umbrella Academy on Netflix casting 41:13 Imagine Agents movie finds director 45:33 Avengers: Infinity War trailer 47:03 We’re excited for Star Wars! 51:36 Produced by Will Scovill & The Escapist Comic Bookstore Find more episodes of the Escapist Comics Podcast at escapistcomics.fireside.fm Music: For Robots by Tom Woxom…